Strides For Autism Team


Team Captain: Mark Hoffman

(Fundraising Goal: Raised $1069 of $1000.00)

CoJo is a team for Joann and Colby, who are step-siblings. Both with autism, they are a wonderful team that helps bring awareness everywhere they go.
Colby is a funny, crazy eleven-year-old banana who loves movie, baseball, coloring, getting his back scratched, tickles, and having a good laugh. He also loves his family and friends who loves him the same. He is so active that if you're near him, removing the TV and tablet, you'll see that he never sits down and smiles the biggest smile on his face. Also you may hear him repeating words from movies including "Casper" and "Garfield".

Joann is eighteen years old and a senior in high school that loves theater, arts, church, friends, family, outdoors, eating tomatoes, Gamecocks, and listening to Alexander Rybak who is a very cute violinist from Norway ;). She is going to college after high school and plans to study Theatre as she loves the passion of performing arts and hopes to become either an actress or a drama teacher. Joann loves Alexander Rybak and his music so you may have to ask her and she'll tell you who he is.

This pair of brother and sister have a purpose as a team to bring Autism awareness everywhere they go and with everyone they meet. They still are overcoming challenges along their own ways in life but they can do it! And as a bonus if you donate $5.00 you can throw a pie in Marks face at the event.

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