Strides For Autism Team

Michael's Bouncers

Team Captain: sarah mcbride

(Fundraising Goal: Raised $0 of $200)

Michael is our 5yr old pistol. He was diagnosed with autism in April 2011 and it has been quite a journey so far. He was born 6wks premature and has been back and forth to different doctors for various issues from kidney surgery to ear tubes, to speech therapy every week and occupational and cranial therapy every week. Little boy fights and tattle-telling sessions ensue at home with his twin brother, Ian, everyday and it's been hard trying to help Ian understand why we may treat Michael different than him. We try to treat Michael the same, but sometimes we have to take several factors into consideration with Mikey. But when it comes to their 1yr old sister, Emma, Michael is a very sweet big brother who loves his little sister and tries to be gentle when playing with her.

This year with Kindergarten starting it has been a new set of challenges and transitions to overcome especially during math time in class. He has attention problems, difficulty with abstract concepts, center time is not always easy due having to share, and he still has trouble with his sensitivity issues in the classroom. His vocabulary is quite good when he does use it, but his ability to express himself is still a struggle. Through it all though, Mikey has pushed through and is becoming nothing but a bright, sweet little boy who doesn't realize he's different right now. He has turned our world upside down and has brought joy, light and perspective to others that have been with him.

Our team name comes from his love and obsession with balls. We have several balls in our house of various sizes, textures, light-up, make noise, designs, but the one thing just about all of them have in common is that they bounce. Those are his favorite. For Christmas the one thing he stayed consistant in asking for from Santa was a new ball.

Please help us support this cause that we are so passionate about and either donate or join our team and come walk with us to help further research and assistance for Autism. Our future depends on all of our kids to include those with Autism and others with special needs. It is our responsibility and job to ensure that they have the fighting chance to make a difference in this world just the same as anyone else. GO MICHAEL'S BOUNCERS!!!

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